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The Prayer Gathering

The last couple of years have proven to be an unprecedented moment in history that is demanding extraordinary actions from every person, relationship and family as well as every government and private entity. The church and body of Christ have not been exempt. It is for these reasons we are hoping to connect with people of God to join us in a special Prayer Gathering.

In chapter nine of the book of Ezra, when the man of God heard the report of the spiritual and physical condition of the nation, the bible says he stopped what he was doing, sat down, tore his clothes and plucked at his beard. The action of him sitting down indicates that he refused to multi-task and instead focused only on the issue at hand.

Rending his clothes showed that his appearance and what people thought of him meant nothing. The pain and discomfort inflicted by pulling his beard paled in comparison to the grief and distress that flooded his heart.

As our hearts are heavy considering the circumstances that continue to impact the church, our families, our neighbors, our nation and the world as a whole, we firmly believe that a concerted effort of fasting as well as praying will make a big difference.

For these reasons, we are welcoming sincere seekers of God to join with us in prayer, as our lord taught us. We are praying for or His will to be done in earth as it is in heaven and for him to deliver us from evil (Matthew 6:6-18). We are also asking him for wisdom and guidance through these uncertain times (James 1:5).

Individuals, ministries, prayer groups and churches from all denominations are coming together to pray for God’s mercy, forgiveness and healing in our homes, communities, and nation (2 chronicles 7:13-14).


While you are encouraged to pray throughout the day, we will also be in prayer each evening, Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm.

For some great teaching on prayer, visit our Share The Lamb TV page, or visit our YouTube channel or Facebook page. If you have a prayer request, please submit it below.

Although we cannot meet together, our spirits can connect from where we are to commit our hearts and minds to god in a greater way and to pray fervently (James 5:16).

Brothers and sisters in Christ, let’s up the power and join forces together to SEEK THE LORD!

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