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An Unleavened Life | Share The Lamb TV

In a undeniably unusual Easter week, many of us found ourselves celebrating this week of spiritual holidays within our homes. One of those holidays was the Passover, which celebrates the redemption of God's people and kicks off the week of unleavened bread. Within that week, which ends with the feast of unleavened bread, there is an important spiritual significance that we will uncover in this special message.

We will see what leavened and unleavened truly means and what it signifies in the life of a New Testament believer. Bishop David Reid will dive into God's revealed desire for us to live our lives unleavened, with honesty and sincerity even in our homes. Prayerfully, this lesson will enlighten you to the importance of this special week of unleavened bread and even the Passover, as it was spent in our homes, and how you can overcome hypocrisy and malice in your own life and household. So that when we leave this time of enclosure, we can go out in a sincere and pure desire to continue to worship and serve God - in and out of our homes.

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