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The Power of Home Worship (Part 3) | Share The Lamb TV


Share the Lamb TV continues its timely study on the power and value of the home and its worship. The Bible continues to reveal example after example of the undeniable benefits of hosting Godly fellowship and order within your home. While many are confined to their homes,there is no limit to what God can do in us and our households, as we use our homes to serve him.Bishop David Reid continues this examination by looking at Noah, and how he led his entire household into service and Godliness, and how God thus used his entire family in their similarly tumultuous times. In this episode, Minister Justina Reid and the Reid family also share with us an special example of using your house to worship and praise the name of Jesus. There is benefit and great reward in keeping a house righteous before God, so in this time of quarantining and incubation let us wisely use this moment to encourage and edify our families to serve the Lord and build on this glorious gospel together.

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